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Hi! i'm XIN YI ♥
Mail me at candy_addicts@hotmail.com
for ordering or enquries :D

☃ Payment will have to be made 1st.
☃ No Payment = No order.
☃ Payment only be paid through meet ups/ mail.
☃ Will not be responsible for lost of cash through mail.
☃ Additional $$ for postage of items.
☃ No swapping.
☃ No refunds.

Meet ups
Free meet-ups @ punggol, sengkang, hougang, kovan, dhouby ghaut, city hall.
☃ SBS-Transit NEL, woodlands, tampinese -> additional $1.
☃ Other places -> additional $2.


☃ mail me to be link :D
☃ remember to link us back too [:
be my shopper
bendan shopping
ham & hippo
lolita accessories


Pictures by Loved-sprees
Pic by shopaholic-us
Designed by islenska





October 2007
Thursday, October 18, 2007
*all stocks are free size.
*colours may differ due to photo lighting.
*email me at candy_addicts@hotmail.com to order :D

#o1. Long Cardigan

Available colours:
red, white, black, green, yellow, grey, light pink , light blue
selling @ $14 each.

#o2. Tunics- Design 1

Available colours:
black, red, purple, brown, darkpink, green. electric blue.
selling @ $14 each.

#o3. Tunics- Design 2

Available colours:
electric blue, grey, maroon red, red, black light blue.
selling @ $14 each.

#o4. Tunics- Design 3

Available colours:
light green, hotpink, orange, purple, black, white, red.
selling @ $14 each.

#o5. Tunics- Design 4

Available colours:
red, white, grey, black, purple.
selling @ $14 each.

#o6. Tunic/ dress

Available colours:
black&white, green&white, blue&white
selling @ $14 each.

#o7. Necklaces

i'm selling bear & heart necklaces.
sorry, i do not hav the bear necklace pic.
i'll try to upload it asap

Available colours for heart:
white, red, black, pink
Available colours for bear:
white, red, black
both selling @ $8 each.
both chain length : 36.5cm
*heart -> gold chains (silver chains are out of stock)
*bears -> silver chains

`Shop till you drop <: @* 10:39 PM